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Here at The Oligarch Kings I like to keep an interested watch on the children of the powerful in America, and chart their inexorable rise through the cursus honorum to the glittering prizes.

So, like so many, it was with a sore heart that I noted the apparent closure of the Kennedy reign.  68 years of representation came to a close in 2010 as the last (as we hoped) representative, Patrick Kennedy, took the ship west to the elysian shores.  An era gone.  Finally a Kennedy-free Congress.  Or so we trusted.

But it’s all right now, the teeth are back!  Another sodding Kennedy is launching an official run for Congress.  We are all to be saved as it has been announced that Joseph Patrick Kennedy III, or “JK3” as the unctuous Boston Herald has oozingly labelled him, son of Representative Joseph Patrick Kennedy II (he of the adverts for Hugo Chavez) and the grandson of Attorney General and Senator Robert F Kennedy, great nephew of Senator Teddy Kennedy, great nephew of President Kennedy and poster child of this oligarch family, is confirmed in taking a run at the seat of Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass) when he goes later this year after 16 terms of office.

A law graduate, JPK III has never held elected office, before but has done voluntary work in the Dominican Republic and recently worked as an Assistant Dist Attorney for Middlesex District Attorney Office.  A spell in Latin America will doubtless have done the young man a power of good, showing him other parts of the world where the same families keep running the country.

He’s got the looks, he’s got the money, he’s got the teeth, he’s got a house in the district and he’s now got a huge firm of Political Consultants called Northwind Strategy who work for Senator Elizabeth Warren leaning on all and sundry.

There only remains the small matter of the election.  Nah, lets be honest, that’s already taken care of.

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