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A while back I did a piece on the web sites and blogs that the kids at United States Homeland Security are keeping an eye on as being an “IOI” or item of Interest.  At the time I was disappointed Oligarch Kings was not there – well as I said there was always next year.

The cloud bubble above is from Joel Johnson’s wonderful piece at Animal.  He has drawn to our attention that not only do they watch web sites and blogs, but they (or more probably a government sub-contractor) also monitor people’s updates in social network sites.  Which really boils down to following Twitter and Facebook updates.

The original PDF had a list of names and codes and things that they check.  If you are using these – or more probably a combination of these- then you can expect the tweet or status to be taken a closer look at.  Unfortunately the list was embedded in an image file so stopped easy indexing.  Johnson has taken the trouble to reproduce the list.

So what’s the list?  Well it’s a long one and I can only recommend that you hit the link and take a look at Johnson’s site.  Well worth it, the list is truly extraordinary.

Almost as much fun is to read the comments from his remarkably literate and funny readers.  One suggests that everyone should copy and paste the entire thing as their Facebook status as, if enough people did it, Homeland Security would have its work cut out for it.  Another suggests that one might start to watch out for new people adding your twitter feed!

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