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Photo: Jim Dault co-sculptor

“Disgusting vagina erected in Sarah Palin’s home town school!”  That at least is how a number of prudes and idiots in Wasilla have reacted at the installation of a piece of modern art at the Wasilla High School, way out in Alaska.  Wasilla we remember is the home of the sainted Sarah Palin. Sculptors Jim Dault and Sheila Dobson had been commissioned to make the piece which is said to commemorates warrior shields locking together surrounded by feathers and touched in the centre by the hand of inspiration.  Beats me, looks a bit of a lump to me but what do I know?

Local busy-bodies, without enough to occupy themselves though, have seen it as some kind of enormous vagina and decided that it must be covered up in case the kids at the school discover about vaginas.  Or evolution.  Or misogynists, sex or the american hatred of the naked form.  Or the outside world.

It was opened on 29th January and fairly promptly covered with a cloth on 1st February which is pretty much the position today.

The controversy continues but what really horrifies me is this other picture of the school that no one but no one seems to want to comment on.

“Absolutely no loaded guns” reads the green sign at the right hand side of the School’s front door.  Now for a society to have a casual acceptance that children may bring guns to school but get their communal knickers in a twist over supposedly sexual art is way, way more scary.

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