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Come back…all is forgiven…

Families who’d have em?  In America where the politicians are supposed to have happy smiling united families who all sing from the same hymn sheet it always a delight when we find that they disagree and squabble like our own.

It’s always a laugh when members of a politician’s family decide to vote for the other side.  So America has been amusing itself no end with the above news whilst it waits out the results of Super Tuesday.

Seems that Ron Paul’s campaign guys have scored a goal here with six members of Mitt’s extended family coming out publically to say they prefer Ron Paul to him.  Three are even taking to the stump and saying so to rallies.

They are reported as being Travis Romney, a chiropractor from Spokane in Washington, Troy and Chad Romney, and Ty, an Attrney in Montana and Jared who seem to be second cousins from the way the papers make the references but perhaps if I have my cousinships wrong those who know might tell me!  (And I draw your attention to the Postscript and the comments section)


I am grateful for Ty Romney’s comment below the post correcting the genealogy as it was reported in the press.  Ty tells me that the above are indeed five brothers, as their great grandfathers are the same as Mitt’s but who have different great grandmothers due to polygamy.

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