A recent examination of my internet statistics has given me a surprise.  A nice surprise I have to say, but surprise all the same.  Based in the UK and with the majority of those who take the blog posts by email showing UK addresses, I had fondly imagined the blog was predominately UK and Eurocentered.  The stats show otherwise.  The site is overwhelmingly visited by Americans.  At an average of 100 to 1 American to British or European this is significant!

Encouraged by those who know about these things, I have decided to move the blog onto Facebook as well as here.  This is to allow greater contact with my readers, because if people are taking the time to read the blog it would be nice to have the opportunity to interact if people wish – and Facebook seems to be the way to do this.  People seem to comment and leave thoughts more readily there than on the blogs themselves.

It will also allow me to cross post over items that I have found interesting, apposite or just plain infuriating – letting the blog spread a little as it were.

You can find The Oligarch Kings at www.facebook.com/TheOligarchKings


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