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As we all know, for democracy to flourish, indeed for democracy to survive at all there must be a culture of incorruptibility within the institutions that administer civic life.  Graft, backhanders and sleazy deals in smoke free rooms damn the entire process.

America recognises this and is usually first to clap on the Pilgrim hat and reach for the pulpit to lecture the darkness that be-nights the lands of the foreigner, and tell them how things should be done.

You may remember how Hillary Clinton chose to lecture those nasty foreigners in Nigeria, slating their corruption and bad governance in  a town hall meeting at the State Department in Washington DC January 2010. If not let me give you the highlights.

The corruption is unbelievable” she preached, her voice quavering in stentorian righteousness, “when I did a town hall [meeting in 2009] in Abuja people were just literally standing and shouting about what it was to live in a country where the elite was so dominant, where corruption was so rampant, where criminality was so pervasive”.

Elites? Corruption? Criminality?  Heavens I wonder what on earth the sainted Hillary would say about the latest report on corruption in the United States which has been published  in a combination of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio Interntional whose map illustrates this piece.

It’s not appalling, but considering  the priggish posturing about places like India it’s all a bit rich.  Not one state, not one at all gets an “A”.  Eight get “F” which is a downright fail, a couldn’t-write-your-name-at-the-top-of-the-paper fail.

5 states get a B, 19 states get a C, 18 struggle to rise their game to stumble in at D and 8 fail entirely.  Let’s name the guilty.  North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Wyoming, Maine (which one feels really should have known better) Virginia, and Georgia which probably surprises no one.  See if you can find number eight!

If you want more detail to horrify yourselves then an interactive and very much more detailed map is available here at iwatchnews..

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