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Donald Trump is a clown.  Sure, he was an amusing side show and warm up act for the hilarious suicide show that is today’s republican candidate race but he was at heart always a clown.

But he’s not just your clown.  Oh no The Donald manages to get himself disliked everywhere and not least in Scotland the land of his mother’s birth.  For up in Meenie, ( yes, yes stereotyping I know ) Aberdeenshire, Donald is pushing through a plan to build a huge number of large houses no one wants and a wee bit golf course in a county peppered with the things- and railroading the whole thing through the local planning committees in the teeth of local opposition.

Needless to say there is considerable resentment to The Donald, his rich houses,  and his sodding golf course built out across the stunningly beautiful dunes which are themselves sites of scientific interest rich in wildlife.  Its not even as if the homes are for local purchase either.

And it’s not as if Scotland actually needs another bloody golf course.

The video is part of the campaign against The Donald and his business practises, his bullying and general nastiness.  Based on Queen’s 1975 hit Bohemian Rhapsody Hazel Cameron has pioneered the enterprise and Spitting Image’s puppeteer Francis Wright wrote the lyrics and worked the muppet that is Donald.

Coda: The video was removed from Vimeo becuase they had a complaint.  I leave it to your imagination to decide whose.

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