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Religion plays an enormous part in the political life of the USA in a way which both fascinates and astonishes us humble secular Godless Europeans.  In Britian with the exception of the politics of Northern Ireland, religion has usually run a fairly low-key background level.  Tony Blair’s press secretary Alisdair Campbell once famously saying “We don’t do God” when being asked about the possibility that Tony was a closet Catholic.

So I was delighted to find the above map, prepared and drawn up by Tom McMahon, which shows the religion of the Senate back in 2005.  The system is easy.  Two senators to a State so solid colour means they are both of whatever persuasion and striped means one of each.  It’s out of date certainly, but not enough I feel to make much difference to the general truth.  If anyone has an up to date version then please let me know.

The source is here.  And like Tom I just looove the twirly Stars of David.  As he says Internet Kitsch at its best.

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