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“Up yours?”

Maybe it’s me but there just seems to be a whole raft of legislation and physical moves throughout the Western Liberal worlds of America and Europe intended to limit the actions of the electorate and snoop on their daily lives.  I intend over the next couple of blogs to bring a couple of the most egregious to your attention.

The first was the announcement on Monday that America’s Supreme Court had by a majority of 5-4, sanctioned the right of officials to strip search anyone who has been detained for any suspected offence, even if there is no reason to suspect contraband or secreted items.  A victory for Justice Anthony Kennedy and the conservative wing of the bench.  Not that Obama our ruling oligarch, who increasingly and disappointedly shows himself to be a more than willing fellow traveller in the move to constrain the rights of Americans, has made much protest or condemnation.  Under stress the Oligarchy tightens its grip.

Now, of course, we all understand that this ruling will not be exploited to allow the authorities to grope young women who take part on protests when they are arrested but not charged, or by the fear of the humiliation of such intrusive sexual searches discourage protests like oh say Occupy?

Yeah and I’m a teapot.

If you like your law raw, here it is the full version from the Supreme Court….

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