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Neil Freeman 2003 from The Map Scroll

Now that the battle lines are drawn and we know who are the protagonists in the upcoming election, pundits  will doubtless turn their attention to other, obscurer elements in the insanity that is the American Electoral Process, elements such as, oh say, the Electoral College who actually elect the President.

I, too, will doubtless write, at (much) greater length, regarding the inadequacies of this the most iniquitous of all oligarchical support mechanisms, but suffice it to say that the College has been the target for innumerable attempts at reform over the years.  None, though, are as unreservedly and utterly bonkers as Neil Freeman’s map of 2003.  Here Neil sought to maintain the number of states and their representation, but to redraw the maps so that the states each now represent the same number of people.  He even gives them suitable names.  Wonderfully mad.

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