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It’s been a good week for Hills, what with the viral pictures of Obama and her exchanging emails “Texts from Hillary” which I popped onto the Facebook version of The Oligarch Kings last week here. 

There is a new TV series called “Veep” all about a female Vice President, which starts next week, and for which the publicity guys are out in force this week.  Women in high political positions are rare in America, even if the rest of the world has been managing for years, and so speculation continues to rise that Hills might be persuaded to run along with Obama this November.

I mean it’s not as if the present VP has been much cop.  Mention “Joe Biden” to most people and you’d get either “Joe who?”, or “I thought he was dead”, or sneering remarks about hair plugs.

The Biden show is not an elegant performance.  In Norfolk VA earlier this month he rambled away for over eleven minutes when asked why petrol prices are so high, or plods out tired old platitudes such as “Romney is out of step with American values”.  Wow Joe, now that was both original and cutting.  Next, he steps up the pressure on Romney’s failed policy on taxing the rich.  As if!  Biden has all the attack force of a wet sheep.  Romney need not worry what this tired old man says.

Remember Obama’s “Hope and Change”?  Well, Biden dulls this rhetoric away to “hang in there”.  Ye Gods, great campaign material that Joe.  Yep, nothing says “change” quite as much as a tired old man who’s been in the Senate for the last 35 years.  You’d almost think that it was White House policy to keep this bumbling old fool away from the microphones.

So naturally the calls are out there for Hills to change her mind, to attend the Democrat convention, and step up to the challenge of Vice President.

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