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Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

Now readers will know of my love of US politicians being commemorated in sculptures, whether that is a statue of Reagan in Budapest, or GW Bush as a lavatory in San Francisco, so I was delighted to find the above on the blog The Blaze this morning.

Palin’s head rises out of the ground in this strange metal commemoration, seeping smoke as if she were some exotic Pacific Island Idol used for burnt offerings from the natives.  Think those truly cheesy 1930’s films and you get the mojo.  And this is sort of what Chicago artist J Taylor Wallace has achieved with “We are having a Tea Parody” and which was shown on Friday at the Bridgeport Art Centre.  The glasses, the teeth, those wild staring eyes are all there!

It smokes because you can put a pig in the mouth and cook it.  Invite the neighbours and have a party!

Brilliant really, really, wonderful, shame about the crap name like, but that can be fixed!.

The design just has to be snapped up by some garden centre iron goods manufacturer as this year’s novelty outdoor range, and made available for those fund raising barbeques later in the summer.

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