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Erik Drooker

The Occupy movement has been quiet over the winter, but now the better weather is coming in and with a summer’s election campaigning in front of us we can expect a rise in events, protests and camps.  Some seem more ambitious than others.

The next big event planned is a Global Strike scheduled for May 1st a traditional left wing celebration of the working man and his rights, and the posters for M1GS as they style it, are circulating already.  They hope to have events in 125 United States cities and more across the world.

Now as I said before here the quality of the artwork being produced by a new generation of graphic artists and painters is quite astonishing.  This stuff is re-defining the campaign poster across the board.  It will be the artistic signature style for the decade and for the Credit Crisis itself.  When historians look back to this crisis they will reference it with these posters.  This season will simply build on this.

Now the poster above is just another example.  Think the style looks familiar?  Well you would not be wrong.  It’s by Erik Drooker an established figure in the left wing art world who is providing his talent for the cause.  He has done book illustration too and the more famous of these are “Flood:A Novel” a tale of New York, and “Howl”.  I suspect though you might though be more familiar with his classic covers for New Yorker, like say, the one below.

A slew of other posters are available in a variety of languages.  The one below is Hebrew.  Mind you I don’t envy the reception any occupy Jerusalem camp is likely to find.

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