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Mary Richardson Kennedy has died, apparently by her own hand, at her home in New York.  She was the estranged wife of Robert F Kennedy III a son of Senator Robert Kennedy who had been the Democrat nominee for President in 1968, and brother of President Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy.

Robert F Kennedy II was one of eleven children of Robert and Ethel Skakel.  Several of these children had been involved in politics, Kathleen being Lt-Gov of Maryland and running unsuccessfully for Governor.   Joseph was a United States Representative, and Mary married Cuomo the Governor of New York.

In 2008 Robert had entertained ideas of inheriting Hillary Clinton’s seat in the Senate should she decide to run for President on no stronger premise that the seat had “belonged” to his father Robert Kennedy.  Such is the arrogance of oligarchy.

In any other setting the story of a good looking middle-aged woman who gives up her stellar career to raise children, only to see the man she love chase other women and seek a divorce would be a private tragedy.  But sadly this is an every-day story in the goldfish bowl that is life with the Kennedys.

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