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I thought I might draw together some observations going the rounds on the web.

It was announced today, Sunday, that with immediate effect Greece would be stopping all production of Houmous and Taramasalata.  Yes, this is going to be a double-dip recession.

The IMF has arranged to lend Greece the necessary funds they require, if only they can find someone willing to work long enough to sign the forms.

A Greek, an Irishman and a Portuguese walk into a bar.  Who pays the bill?  Answer:- The German!

The EU has announced an “Adopt a Greek” scheme. For only 400 Euros a week you can keep a Greek in your house, allow him to drink coffee and eat lunch there, enabling you to go off to work.

Q:- What’s the difference between Iceland and Greece?
A:- About six months.

The EU has announced a new Greek economic model – the “Bathtub”.  It is characterised by a steep decline followed by a long period of stagnation and then everything goes down the plughole.

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