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It has been announced this afternoon by PFC Auctions that their prize item of the week, namely an undistinguished looking vial of Ronald Reagan’s dried blood, which had been taken at the time he was shot by Hinckley, has been withdrawn.  Despite having reached pre-auction pledges of  $30,086 and generating unprecedented world wide interest, the seller (termed consignor in their statement) had bowed to enormous media and legal howls not to sell this item as it was of “national importance”.  Really?  As the seller states he bought it last year in an US auction for $3,550 it smacks more of injured national pride that it should have ended up being flogged off abroad.   That, and fear it would fall into the clutches of the ungodly and foreign, who might put it who knows what indignities.  There had been dark whispers of Russians cloning vast armies of supply side economists to march with their voodoo policies on the West.

Still the unknown seller has generously decided that he should “donate” the vial to The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library.  All rather sounds like a lawyers way to deflect a very expensive law suit.  No pressure then.

So it will now be winging its way off to be a valuable treasure in the Foundation’s museum, where doubtless, as a correspondent suggested in my blog yesterday, the people will gather to see it miraculously liquefy every Independence Day.

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