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Pay your taxes you deadbeat..

The 1% still just does not get it. Incredibly, in the middle of arguably the gravest crisis to hit the European Union in its history, Christine Lagarde the 56 year old French lawyer, who is the new head of the IMF, stepped forward to take the moral high ground, and tell the feckless Greeks what they needed to hear.  The Guardian reported it as above.

Priggishly, pompously, in a way that truly only a French woman of certain years and a certain class can manage, she lectured the poverty struck working classes of Greece that they simply must pay their taxes.  Harranging the unfortunates she stated their misfortune was all their own fault and that frankly she had more sympathy with children in Niger whom she felt better deserved the beneficence of the almighty IMF than the hungry families of the tax-dodging Greeks lining up in the shadow of the Parthenon for their daily dole of soup.  All because these indolent sly deceitful dagos were too untrustworthy to cough up their just dues.

And yet this is the same Christine Lagarde that pays not one cent of her enormous salary in tax which with expenses (one must always have expenses) amounts to £300,000. That is she dodges all tax – entirely.

Yes indeed Christine Lagarde scourge of the Greek working class pays no tax.  Nowt, Zilch, Nada.  Nothing.

Indeed old greedy guts Largarde is due an INCREASE in her gains come July the 1st.  Yes this French lawyer is raking it in to the tune of £300,000 avoiding/evading (you chose the right term) tax, and then there are still the rent subsidies, the travel expenses and the dinners.

So at least when she gets a bowl of free soup next time she is in the canteen she will be experiencing something of  what the people of Athens are going through.

Let them eat Baklava?

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