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Edinburgh is a major financial centre, second only in Britain to London, and home to two major Banks’ headquarters.  Both seem to suffer from a flagging problem, and it’s not just their share price.  We saw how at the turn of the year protestors managed to slip into the Headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland and raise the Jolly Roger, a pirate flag with skull and crossbones, where it fluttered for a few days before the befuddled fools that ran the bank into the sands even noticed.

Last Saturday night as the nation slumbered, waiting for the joys of it’s Jubilee Sunday, another band of plucky adventurers struck at the Bank of Scotland’s headquarters on the hill leading up to the old town.  Not for them having to avoid the mesh of laser beams, the pressure pads strewn beneath the plush carpeting or even the never sleeping three eyed sentient goats in the basement.  They didn’t even have to avoid the dozing, snoring wholly useless security guards.  They simply climbed up the scaffolding at the side of the building and then erected the red and black flag of the Anarchist/Communists.

Picture credit : The Vast Minority

It wasn’t up as long as the one at the Royal because some spoil sport spectator tipped off the plod who then went up on the roof, and no longer being drawn from the ranks of the Sea Scouts and Girl Guides, struggled to undo the ropes.  Hence the amusing Youtube clip above.

You have to wonder how many other stray files wander the halls of our financial institutions at night, all uncounted and unchecked, un-noticed save for their habit of leaving the occasional flag.

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