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This week there is much being written in places such as The Washington Post and elsewhere recalling the start of the Watergate Affair.  It is four decades since the beginning of the scandal that eventually dethroned an American President.  The echoes still reverberate in the political sphere.  Grief is it really that long ago?

One night in June 1972 five burglars in suits broke into the Watergate a Washington Office complex being used by the Democrat party.

The scandal was a slow burner to begin with but soon the entire world was watchng slack-jawed at the enormity of it.   I remember the time with a particular warmth.  It was  the occasion of my first political cartoon shown above.

My school had a Literary and Dramatic Society that did skits, shows, low satire and debates.  They were I remember, particularly fond of the raft debate.  Here various panellists told stories that might or might not be false, and voting took place.  If the untruth was detected then the panellist left.  Last on the panel or raft won.  I was the society cartoonist/poster maker that year and when given a title of “Liar of the year” felt there could be no better illustration than Tricky Dicky himself.

It was just my misfortune that the school was being visited by a delegation from some preppy East Coast US school that week, meaning my faltering political cartoonist steps were met with swift retribution.  But I saved the actual cartoon from the Inquisition.

I was able to use another in a subsequent debate.  I kept that one because I managed to beat the great “Trog” of Punch, and probably the best cartoonist of his generation, to the punch line!

Oh happy days.

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