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“Oh God they found out…

Have you ever wondered who are the members of this amorphous un-known “one percent” Occupy keep banging on about?  I mean have you ever met any member of this most secretive of social groups?  Well, if you enjoy stand up comedy or watch late night comedy TV, then the chances are fairly high you do.  It turns out that one of TV’s favourite comics Jimmy Carr, the last member of the classic British Ken Dodd school of comics only pays one per cent Tax.

Which considering how he has made his millions on the back of lampooning fat cat Bankers is a bit rich.  Remember “Why don’t you apply for the Barclay’s one per cent scam” he asked “You will need the world’s biggest most aggressive team of blood-hungry amoral tax lawyers.  If you meet the criteria, you’ll pay one per cent tax, like Barclays”.  And end up being classed along with benefit cheats, hypocrites and other scum.

Seems the eternally unfunny Jimmy (Car luxury yacht, and private plane), did just that.  But how you ask?  Well you apply to join a Jersey based trust called K2.  Your original salary is paid to the Trust and – here is the clever bit – you take a loan from your Trust (Jimmy’s is £3.2 million) which isn’t taxed, and as no one is ever going to ask for the loan back, is yours for the keeping.  Cute eh?  Perfectly legal but then so was apartheid.

Bet lots of others are in this scam too.  Anyone smell footballers too?

It is reported that Mr Not-Terribly- Funny has stashed away £3.3 million.  Still, we might breathe a sigh of relief that if he had actually been funnier it would have been more.

There are some that have argued today that should comics of Jimmy Carr’s talents be made to pay high levels of tax it would drive them out of the country.  Might be worth a try?

CODA.  Today Jimmy Carr our nation’s best comedian at doing jokes about handicapped children, was swift in stating that this had all been “A terrible error of judgement“, a comment I would be more likely to believe if Jimmy had not also been involved in a similar scam called “Rushmore” back in 2009.  Rushmore was an other agressive tax avoidance set-up that HRMC closed down in 2009.

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