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There are few in Britain who have not been touched by the wholesale failure of the two enormous newly state owned British banking giants, RBS and Nat West, whose entire computer networks have crashed, with wages being unpaid and people unable to move home as the lawyers cannot see that funds have transferred.  There are screeds of protest messages at the Nat West site and Twitter is afire with indignation and rage.

Whether this has anything to do with both banks having chosen to unload entire teams of highly skilled UK based IT staff in preference for off shoring the computer functions to India is as yet unclear, whether it is symptomatic of a deeper underlying malaise in the whole structure of western banking cannot yet be divined, but what is certain is that this has been a disaster for both Banks with hundreds of thousands of  private and corporate clients on the warpath.

Still, you can count on the Brits to see it through with a song and a smile.  Which is exactly what Alex Bloor aka “thathairybloke” has done with the above Pet Shop Boys parody.

A delight and more than safe for work!

Copyright David Macadam 2012