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The British do enjoy a good moan

London is a great whore of a city, a raddled scabrous old hag long past her best, but sly still with enough wit to make a killing.  Subtle, treacherous, duplicitous, this poxed siren entices them all, and everyone who wants to know what is happening in half the earth needs to be here.

London a city of 300 languages, of eight millions half of whom are not even ethnically British, filled with all the rivalries and contentions of the world, is the largest city in Europe.  If something is happening anywhere, London has a finger in it somewhere.

And Mitt came along last week to meet and greet.

The trip is an obvious profile raising exercise.  Mitt meets the leaders.  Mitt the world leader.  Mitt the Next President.  Mitt the statesman.  A charm offensive.  It wasn’t a success.  Far from it.  It was bad on Thursday, and it still was resounding round the media today with the Sunday heavies taking “the long view” and queuing up to stick the knife in.  Even the American owned “Sunday Times” lambasted him.

Mitt had picked up that the Olympics were in town, and not all the Londoners were greatly taken with the idea.  (See the poster above).  Problems with traffic congestion and “Zil” lanes for unelected Olympic officialdom had rankled with the peasants who, as always were moaning merrily away.  Mitt failed to notice that the British complain all the time and Mitt couldn’t see a passing band wagon without wanting to jump on it and decided to opine.

Boy did he get that one wrong.

He started off by saying that the relationship between Britain and America was predicated on “a shared Anglo-Saxon heritage” which was read as tantamount to saying I’m an idiot but hey I’m not black”.  Which in multi-ethnic London didn’t play well.

Not happy with this Mitt decided to tell everyone that he felt the British might not be able to run the Games.  “I don’t know how well it’s going to turn out” he mused.

Mittens seems to have forgotten there is a certain irritation amongst political circles in the UK that Britain rather got dumped with the Olympics seven years ago.  New York had hoped to get it but everyone at the time hated the US for its stance on Iraq.  France was now the up and coming contender but the US simply could not face seeing the arrogant anti-US Frogs get this prize, so dropped their votes onto London handing us this white elephant.  If you don’t believe me look at the faces of the London delegation in an “Oh shit now what“ moment when the surprise result was announced.

Much more what Mitt had wanted the world to see…

Romney’s host, the Prime Minister, responded with a savagery not often displayed publically, “Of course” David Cameron said, the acid dripping from his tongue, “its easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere” an obvious reference to Mitt’s running a set of Winter Olympics.  Thereby showing clearly if he ever does become President, that the British will be at best cool toward him.

Normally you would have hoped that even Americans by now would have noted the social faux paus.  No not our Mittens.  In his attempts to flip flop back out of this one he attempted to endear himself by saying he was “a guy from Britain” which caused some astonishment.  Mitt was born in Detroit – was he now trying to dump us with this urban ruin?  His old man was born in Mexico which was hardly part of the Commonwealth.  Better was to follow with his claim that his wife Ann from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  was “ a Welsh girl”.

Wonderful stuff.

And now he is off to Israel.  Oh dear, oh dear, hold me up.

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