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Well that was a shock no?  They went and voted Mittens in as their candidate exactly as I, and everyone else, said.  This only proves my hypothesis that when given a choice, the system will always choose the candidate with the most oligarchical connections as being the preferred choice.  And so it was again.

Mitt Romney, Governor, and son of a Governor and former Presidential candidate George Romney, of long blood and Mayflower ancestry, proves once again that in American political life, connections made long before you were born are the ones that truly count.

So who do we say goodbye to?  Who did we lose to the Oligarchs?

Rick Santorum, former Senator and from blue collar stock.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker and from late immigrant stock.

Ron Paul, US Representative and from old, but not as old, and German/Irish family.

Jon Huntsman, former Governor and close cousin to Romney.  Watch for him later.

Rick Perry, Governor and blue collar stock.

Michelle Bachmann, US Representative and of later immigrant stock.

Buddy Roemer, former Governor and of a business family with old State connections.  Just not as oligarchical as Mittens.

Herman Cain, a Businessman with no oligarchical claims.

Gary Johnson, businessman and former Governor.  Danish, Norwegian and Russian ancestry.  No oligarchical chance at all.

Thaddeus McCotter, Us Representative with no oligarchical connections.

Tim Pawlenty, former Governor and with Polish American and German ancestry not an oligarch either.

Then there were also those who were in the lists but never made it as candidates.  They were.

Mike Pense, US Representative Nope not an oligarch either.

Helly Barbour Governor.  Nor him.

Donald Trump, Self publicist and Businessman. No oligarch.

Mitch Daniels, Governor.  But no oligarch connections.

Mike Huckabee, Governor and plain man of the people.  No oligarch here.

John Thune of a Norwegian family.  No oligarch blood here either.

opyright David Macadam 2012