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I don’t normally call 47% of Americans lazy bastards…
but when I do I charge $25,000 a plate to do it. 

Mitt is in deep bother if you listen to Obama supporters. Last week he was captured speaking to fund-raisers saying that he believed that 47% of Americans do not pay tax and that he couldn’t care less for them, as after all he is not there for them.  Welfare scroungers the lot of them bringing this great country down.  “My job is not to worry about those people, I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility..”

His useless team obviously did not clock that Jason Carter, President Carter’s grandson and a Democrat member of Georgia State Senate, was sitting in his audience with video recording equipment and who promptly blew the story to Mother Jones.

Quite apart from the fact that many of this group of 47% work hard, pay Income Tax and are on minimum wages, there were other factors that made this an insight onto Romney’s unpleasant world view.

Obama’s support instantly pounced on this from a number of angles.  One of the best being unearthing the old interview below from back in 1962 when his mother Lenore LaFount Romney was recalling how Mitt’s father, George Romney, himself an unsuccessful candidate for President, showed such warmth and gratitude to the USA whose benefit hand-outs had helped his family when they returned penniless from Mexico.  Money which had assisted the family keeping it’s heads above water whist George established his career.  A career which in turn gave Mitt his privileged school education, connections, college education, help buying a first house, private income funds and entry into that society which so much makes him what he is.

But, this only proves how tasteless and crass Romney junior may be, deaf to the sensitivities of his parents perhaps, but not personally hypocritical, he might well think his father was wrong to have accepted the welfare payments.  Unlikely certainly, but still possible.

Is there anything here that shows personal hypocrisy with his private or business dealings with the state?  A time perhaps when he had needed to turn to the government, dinner plate in hand, and Oliver-like say “Please sir can I have some more?”

The Rolling Stone managed to unearth the following which seems to fit the bill nicely.

They have found that Bain capital, Romney’s flagship money machine which buys up other business and then breaks them up – exporting American jobs to foreign countries and putting American citizens out of work, had itself taken government bail out money.  Welfare handouts by any other name.  Federal records obtained by Rolling Stone through a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that Bain & Company lost money in both 1991 and 1992 — with Romney at the helm.

This is what they say:-

This December 22, 1992 analysis for the FDIC lays out the truth about Bain & Company’s mounting losses (both “operating” and “net”) in a section called “Historical Operating Performance.” (FDIC was owed more than $30 million by Bain & Company after the 1991 failure of the Bank of New England.):

Here’s the hard truth: Romney’s turnaround effort at the consulting firm was a fiasco. In fact, Bain & Company was only rescued from the brink of collapse by the federal government. In 1993, the FDIC agreed to wipe away more than $10 million it was owed by Romney’s firm because it believed that “the company will fail if the debt is not modified.” 

Damaged goods?  Well as disclosures go it hasn’t proved fatal – as yet.  His mother’s video was bad enough, but Rolling Stone has drawn blood.  What it shows is that Romney couldn’t run a whelk stall, he puts other American companies out of business, ships their jobs overseas for extra profit and then denigrates the very people he has thrown on the scrapheap, and all the while taking money from these same people through public funds to continue doing it.  The hypocrisy is astounding!

Yet he is still holding his own, just.  This fractious, poisonous campaign only proves that an awful lot of the vote has already made up it’s mind.  It’s still neck and neck.  But it cannot have helped.  Only time will show how damaged Romney really is.

If he does not make a good impression in the debates starting this week he may start to see funds switch from his Presidential race to shoring up the Senate race and we will know he is toast.

Copyright David Macadam 2012