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“One point gain? You sure? That all I got….?

I don’t think even the most avowed supporter of Obama would try to claim that their boy did well in Wednesday night’s debates.  Clearly Mittens was on the top of his form and it was a polished piece of political theatre.

But did it matter?

Romney won the debate, no question of that.  Equally though, the debates are fifty years old. As a format they are established, formulaic, dare one say dull.  I remember the first because of their sheer novelty value.  They were even beamed over to the UK for us to watch and wonder at.  We could not imagine that British politicians back then would engage in such a, well, popularist circus.  And we watched entranced.  However there can be few indeed here who watched last Wednesday.  Like the decline in Newspapers, maybe we the public get our political information and theatrical fixes from other outlets.

So far, despite the improved performance, and the headlines it gave Romney, little seems to be moving on the poll front.

Gallup with its daily Tracking shows Obama still 5 points ahead 50/45.

Rasmussen’s phone survey shows Obama ahead 46/44 same as before.

Reuters/IPSOS gives Obama 46/44 down 2 points only.

Others are showing mostly single digit gains only, even in State Polls in Virginia (+1) and Florida (+2)

If even winning the debates still does not help Romney, will his fundraisers do what they did to Bob Dole back in 1996?  Will they pull the funding so their support may be more effectively spent down-ticket in ensuring a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, or maybe even win over the Senate?

The Financial Times reminds us that Crossroads GPS and Americans for Prosperity dished out $100 million in advertising budgets.  Charles Cook, a Washington political analyst speaking to them, suggests that “decency will keep the funders in for the first week in October” but after that, well Romney needs better than just a point or two to stay in the game.

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