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Obama and Odinga, Cousins and Oligarchs

A month out from the election and we should now expect to see any number of dirty tricks being wheeled out to derail one side or the other.  And so it might prove tomorrow if the Washington Examiner is true to its hype and teasing.

They claim that last month’s extraordinary flood of donations into the Democrat Party coffers come from unsecure or foreign credit card donations.  Some $181 million of donations in total.  The suggestion being that the campaign “turned off” the safety features blocking such dubious donations.  This, if proved, would amount to electoral fraud.

Was this threat to publish why Obama looked out of sorts and distracted on debate night?  Perhaps we will never know.

Anyhow for now until Monday, and any public announcement by the Examiner, the story wends its merry way round the internet.

Allahpundit even suggests they have a list of names of donors.  They give us Bart Simpson, OJ Simpson, Family Guy, Raila Odinga and Daffy Duck.  All of which look plainly suspicious certainly…but wait!  Who is this Raila Odinga and what might his role be?

Well, Raila Odinga is the present Prime Minister of Kenya and it seems a first cousin of Barak Obama.  You either can’t keep a good family down, or oligarchy knows no political boundaries.  Me I’ll go with the latter.

So then this is Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the son of Vice President J Oginga Odinga, and who was educated in East Germany when this was a communist country.  Definitely suspicious eh?  Must be a communist then.  More especially so when two of his children have names Fidel and Winny after Fidel Castro, and Winny Mandela.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s uncle on his mother’s side was Barak Obama’s father.  This is the cousinship link.

Raila Odinga has a bad name in anti Islamic circles, as someone who is prepared to take Kenya over to become an Islamic society.  So the thing that occurs to me is that if Odinga’s name is there, and if it is proved he donated, then is this whole exercise there to draw attention, once again, to Obama’s Kenyan roots and to further denigrate him as a muslim, an Islamist, a communist and a foreigner?  Tidy isn’t it an all in one scandal to rake over Obama’s perceived non Americanism?

I for one can’t wait to see how the Examiner seeks to play this hand!

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