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Days away now and the dirty tricks still keep coming, and in the case of the above coming again.  This story first emerged back at the beginning of September, and so I would not normally discuss it now in October, except that it has enjoyed something of a revival, nay a renaissance, and is doing the rounds once again.

The premise is simple.  Romney, whose businesses have a habit of closing other American businesses and exporting the jobs out to China thereby making American workers unemployed, has decided to turn to China for his campaign buttons.  The “proof” being the pictured button above with “Made in China” clearly stamped on the edge.  See the unsubtle comparison to Obama’s honest American made ones.

Believable?  Well certainly it’s what a lot of anti Romney people would like you to believe it.  It fits the bill almost too well.  American worker-sacker Romney doing the dastardly once again.  And, after all it’s not as if Romney does not have form for this sort of things in the past.

The picture above is of buttons to publicise the winter Olympics which were held in Salt Lake City back in 2002 when Romney ran it.  The buttons then were bought from Chinese suppliers.

However, and almost sadly, for it is such a perfectly rounded little story, I suggest that it just isn’t so.  No-one could stand the story up back in September, and nothing much has changed since then.  It seems the original image is from Zazzel and someone has photo-shopped the rest.

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