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The Youtube clip above is doing the rounds, having just “resurfaced” on various places in remarkably coincidentally good time just a few weeks before the release on 9th November 2012 (and on 17th November for full release), of DreamWorks’s film Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

Samuel Seymore of Maryland was the last surviving witness of the assassination of Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth on April 14th 1865.  Seymore was five years old.   The TV show was “I’ve got a secret” and it played out in February 1956 two months before Seymore died.

Seymore appears a bit dazed by all the attention and was getting over having fallen down the stairs of his hotel the day before – hence the bandaged head – but is coherent and clear.

It’s all a bit grainy, but the sound quality is good and the passage of time just makes it even more fascinating.

Only whets the appetite!


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