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In what was otherwise a dreadfully dull performance by both combatants one magnificent item shone out like a shaft of gold, old duffer Romney’s dreadful, dreadful grasp of geography.  Remember this was a debate on world matters – he should have this off pat.  Nope, there he was saying that Syria was the only way Iran had of accessing the sea.  Eh?  Was he thinking of IRAQ by mistake?  Gives you the shudders.

The map above should be posted on your wall Mitt.  Sea eh?  Well to the north is the Caspian, and to the south a choice no less – of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.  I dug out my crayons special.

Perhaps he should have been asked something easier like knowing where the Cayman Islands are where Ann keeps her blind trust, or maybe pointing to  plucky little Luxembourg where the Romney family trust is sitting.

Its really a little worrying that this man may actually have a chance of having his fingers on nuclear buttons.

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