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Wasserman’s take in the Boston Globe

There has been a lot of discussion about the arcane world of electronic voting machines to be used in this year’s Presidential Elections.  The focus of this ire being that members of Mitt Romney’s family have investments in these wretched devices.  Mitt’s son Tagg, (who calls their children these silly names anyway?) his wife and a brother through a company called Solamore have large investments in HIG Capital who themselves are majority shareholders of Hart InterCivic an Austin based vote machine company.

All of which, to liberals in America, looks a bit dodgy.

It makes even me, an arch anti-conspiracy freak, feel just a Tad uneasy.  However, we have actual concrete reasons to be more than a little unhappy about the sweep of these gadgets.

This year the United States will use these machines for 35% of the voting.  They will be used for Ohio – a crucial tight vote, in Colorado another close call,  Oklahoma and Washington.

You see, these machines or ones extremely like them, have been trialled elsewhere and been found somewhat wanting.  In 2006 Dutch machines were hacked into and made to play chess.  Innocent enough perhaps, but sufficient to prove them unsafe.  In 2009 Germany ruled the things unreliable and made their use unconstitutional.  And finally, in June this year Ireland, a one-time dead keen proponent, paid out Euro 70, 267 to have their entire stock recycled into something useful, like biscuit tins.

In the States the call is still that electronic voting is not amenable to being tampered with.  But then they said that about the LIBOR rate too didn’t they?

No reason to worry then….unless it’s a close election?

And a h/t to David H for the pointers!

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