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This story is just wondrous, mixing sex, scandal, politics, and War.  It just so has motion picture of the year 2016 all over it.  If its getting a bit difficult to follow then check the above.  Me, I do genealogies, but Hilary Sergeant Ramedi does charts!  Wonderful, wonderful chart!  You can follow her on Twitter at @lilsarg

Mother Jones does a good catch-up for us all here

Now, am I the only one to wonder how we can hold these two contradictory claims at the same time, that Petraeus is both a massive intellect and the best general for fifty years, nae even the saviour of his nation, but equally a man who could not win a battle even with a billion dollars a week at his back, who has managed to lose more wars in different theatres for America than anyone since Arthur Sinclair?  Does anyone else agree that he was safe where he was but as soon as the poor dweeb showed an interest in Presidential politics his tea was well and truly out?

Is America finally seeing through the myth of Petraeus and its overfed and underperforming military that, as I have said before, has not won a war in decades?

Does this whole thing signal Obama’s first salvo in cutting back the bloated, overfunded and generally useless military, to save a bit of money in his second term?

And what on earth is this man Allan about?  Even assuming there is nothing scandalous in his texts to this woman where the hell did he find the time to sent 20 to 30 thousand documents/texts to anyone during his working day?   Goodness knows, reminding the wife we need eggs and milk on the way home is a push for me  Unless of course as Mother Jones mischievously suggests they are picture texts!  Reducing the number of texts but upping the interest in their content no end!

If these generals spent half as much time fighting the wars they are paid to, maybe America would see some value for the hideous expenditure they squander on their military.

UPDATE!  So fast is this moving Hilary Sergent Ranadei has updated the chart!

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