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George P Bush: Picture credit Gage Skidmore & Wikipedia

The Grand Old Party is casting about desperately to find some grounds for solace in the ruins of their worst run campaign in recent years

Rushing to their aid, if not for 2016 then for 2024 or 2028, is the latest of one of the most notable oligarchical families of our times, the Bushes. Yes, it’s your very own George P Bush, nephew of one President, George W Bush, and grandson of another, George H W Bush, whose own father is Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida.

The “P” is for Prescott. His great grandpappy was Senator Prescott Sheldon Bush.  Three further presidents lurk in the branches of his family tree, which fairly drips with Ambassadors, financiers and Judges galore.  Yep, quite the little oligarch.

This George, shall we call him “the youngest?” has a good chance.  He is mature at 36, an Attorney, and a served veteran in the Navy, all of which counts well in a candidate.  He is half Hispanic and his mother is Jeb’s ex-wife the Columbian Garnica Gallo, who is originally from Mexico.  This should appeal nicely to a constituency so blindingly overlooked in Romney’s cack-handed campaign, which oversight cost the party so dearly.  Hey he even speaks Spanish.  He is one of those who his grandfather so artlessly called “the little brown ones”.

So “P “ has filed papers to run in Texas in 2014, most likely for Land Commissioner as his first step on the “cursus honorum”.

And if that doesn’t work out for you well there is always his brother Jeb jr.

Yet more proof, if proof be needed, of the intractable nature of oligarchy in the Presidential selection process.

Copyright David Macadam 2012