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scottsdale gun club arizonaScottsdale Gun Club Arizona

How depressing.  I note that as of today the latest-must-have-for-Christmas-is-a-gun.

Even before the horrific events at Newtown Connecticut, FBI statistics show that gun sales in the USA are soaring.  154,873 “Point of Sale” background checks on people buying guns were done on Friday 23rd November up 25,707 on last year.  Indeed Smith & Wesson show sales for the first half of this year as equivalent to the whole of last year.

And all that is before Wall Mart report having sold out at supermarkets across the country, and EBay suppliers of the magazines show hikes in the price of Glock handgun magazines (the type used at Newtown) jumping from $45 to $118.

If this saddening post tells us anything it is that the chances of Joe Biden and Obama ever getting anything significant done about this obscenity in American life are flatly nil.

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