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Regular readers will know of my love of odd maps and visual representations of the political world, especially my delight at the work of Yanko Tsvetkov, a Bulgarian graphic artist who works in London, and makes quite the funniest satirical maps.  I have a couple of examples here and here but if you want the whole caboodle his web site lives here.

So I found the above on The Peoples Cube and thought ahah, another gem!  Now it’s funny, certainly good enough to amuse, but is it up to Tsvetkov?  The more I looked the less it seemed as good as the original.  It’s not signed which is a shame, and there are some unhappy differences.  With Tsvetkov his style is clear and uncluttered.  Somehow I doubt that he would make the mistake the People’s Cube did of adding unnecessary silhouettes of naked girls, fists to show agitated youth, or cut out magazine pictures of Concorde, Volvo logos or VW’s.

Frankly it’s a bit on the fussy side, and lacks the simple grace I had expected from Tsvetkov.  I also doubt a perfectionist like Tsvetkov would get the scale of Ireland wrong. Come on Cube you can do better! However it just shows what a strong influence he has become to satirical map making!

Still imitation is the most sincere flattery and there is some humour in it too.

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