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drone proof burqa

Here is an extraordinary exhibition which will appeal to all tin foil hat fans.  New York mechanical engineer turned artist, Adam Harvey and designer Johanna Bloomfield, have dreamt up a range of surveillance blocking clothing for the fashionable anarchist-about-town desperate to foil Homeland Security and their infrared scanners just like the ones fitted to US drones.

And as we see above it does come in a burqa too.  But for the more westernised a range of hoodies and t-shirts are available too as well as scarves.  The hoodies and the burqa come with integral pouches for your cell phone that shields out the signals that the phone makes looking for home, and which in turn can be used to track you.

Even the t-shirt will block the heart’s signature.

off-pocket-temp-e1358614167774The “Off Phone”

Now this nickel-metalized fabric is slightly “augmented”.  As you can see it’s a bit short.  Nothing in the exhibition would totally shield you from detection.  This is because any clothing that does, has to gain International Traffic In Arms (ITAR) compliance, and let’s be serious drone proof togs are waaay too militaristic for civilians.

Prices?  A stealth proof scarf is about $250 but the snip of the day and available in the shop is the “Off pocket” or your phone protector illustrated above for a mere £100.  Now that will sell.

It and the rest, can be seen at Primitive London, 91-93 Great Portland Street, London until the 31st of the month.

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