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Anti-Immigration feelings are nothing new, nor regrettably the posters that go with it.  From the notices in the nineteenth century saying No Blacks, No Irish, No Chinese both America and Britain have in their time sought to limit the immigration that made them great.

In America, and on the continent, this takes the form of belittling the immigrant saying they come with disease, poor genes, inadequate dental hygiene, ghastly dress sense, ignorance and filth.  We are to be persuaded that all they want is our dire squalid social housing, and a life on the dole.

Rarely though can there ever have been a programme where the host country coughs up for films to be commissioned and shown abroad which say “look piss off we’re shite, it rains all the time, and you won’t like it here”.  But this is what the British Government has apparently been considering in a desperate attempt to dissuade the hordes of Bulgarians and Romanians that the Daily Mail say will be battering against the gates come the end of the year.

come here“Loo” is a Britishism for Lavatory

Naturally the British public too have leapt at the challenge and these two posters are but a small example of those now bouncing round the web.

The top one is by Paul Bayfield (and very good too) and the second by Andrew Campbell Hares.

Sheesh…..only the British.

Not that America is wholly beaten in these stakes.

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