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malik obamaMalik Obama

Don’t worry!  The half brother we are talking about here is Malik Obama, Barak’s 54 year old older half brother and best man, who is from Kenya but who has been resident in the United States since 1985 working as an independent financial advisor.  He is standing in the race for Governor of the Kenya county of Siaya, a poor poverty struck district (35.3% per Bloomberg) with bad infra-structure, HIV, malaria and bad leadership.

Of course he’s not the first of Barack Obama’s family to gain power in Kenya.  Oh dear me no, oligarchy knows no boundaries and regular readers may recall a couple of months ago I discussed Barack’s cousin Raila Odinga, who is presently Prime Minister of Kenya.

Malik is certainly playing the relationship card saying “If my brother (Barack) is doing great things for people in the United States why cant I do great things for Kenyans here” in a recent interview for Reuters.

Who’s his big opponent?  Well that would be Oburu Odinga, the brother of Obama’s cousin above.  That’s the style lad keep it tidy, keep it in the family.  Frankly I doubt his chances but whichever way it falls come 4th March, Obama’s family looks like winning anyway.

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