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Here is an Index for the posts from 2010.


Hall of Presidents part I

Hall of Presidents part II

Hall of Presidents part III

So it’s Bayh Bayh from him

A little light interlude

Dissing Cousins in Massachusetts

The Forgotten Presidents of the Confederation

Samuel Huntingdon “First President of the USA

Thomas McKean : The man from Delaware

John Hanson – Pining for the Fjords?

Elias Boudinot

Thomas Mifflin

Col Richard Henry Lee

Hancock’s half hour

Nathanial Gorham

Arthur St Clair

Cyrus Griffin

Freer, More Individualistic, More Democratic, More Open and Dynamic?

Senator Jay Rockefeller IV part II

Pin up politicians

Peeing tribute to George W Bush

John Kerry and Al Gore – The chuckle brothers

The secret founding of America – by Nicholas Hagger A Book Review

Oodles of Udalls

Confederation’s End

A Special Relationship? – I don’t think so

The Barack and Michelle Obama paper doll and Cutout Book

Diaz-Balart & handing on the baton

Daniel Shays-The trigger for a constitutional coup

Why did they choose George Washington as President?

George Washington’s teeth

The Persistence of Oligarchy, Washington – King, Consul, and President

The last of the Kennedys?

Jason and the Oligarchs

Biden his time?

Go West Young Oligarch

Scott Brown backs Obama for 2012

American politics as a beauty parade

Taft, Lippett and Chaffe

All the Presidents’ Sons

Outed! Lacy Davenport was an oligarch

Sarah Palin, Hockey mum and oligarch

Bob Bennett Bounced

Get Carter

Chris Cox, Nixon’s grandson stands for congress

Spoken from the heart by Laura Bush: A Book Review

Andrew Cuomo : Will he won’t he?

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Governator Another Pin up Politician

Has she the Wright stuff?

Saturday Political cartoon

Further Pin up Politicians

America’s Financial Oligarchy

United Fruit Company

Trouble over oily waters – A cartoon

The Directory of Oligarchs in the city of New York

Alvin Green: The ultimate non-oligarch

Tony Hayward: All washed up?

Hot oil and cold blood

The Political Wedding of the year

Utah Capital Punishment: A Cartoon

Sarah Palin sticks her finger in: A cartoon

The Lenin of Louisiana

Gulf Oil Spill: The vultures circle

Byrd falls off perch

American Caesars: Lives of the American Presidents : A book review

One percent own half of all shares

Jeb Bush for 2012

Fresh moves in a special relationship

The masseuse, The Senator, and the black black oil

US and Israel: A new understanding – A cartoon

Obama requests advance notice of BP asset transfer

2014 How to survive the New World Crisis: Nicholas Boyle A book review

A Palin in the arse

The darkness under Jefferson’s cloak

Mitt Romney for 2012

Wedding of the year – Take 2

Mike Huckabee for 2012

Lockerbie, The Scottish Bar and Libya: A different truth perhaps?

Jeb Bush: Its definitive

Democrat Oligarchs keep their Super Delegates

Bristol and Kev split up : A nation weeps

Runners for GOP in 2012: A poll

The Madness of the Presidents

Newt Gingrich : The Indefensible Republican

Little Ben Quayle is off to Washington

Victoria Kennedy 2012

Simple Law, Simple Compassion, Simply Unjust

Fat Al and the masseuse : A conclusion

Chelsea Clinton Pregnant! Maybe

Ben Quayle – A lame duck

MacAskill, Al-Megrahi and the Scottish legal establishment

Tuesday the President bows out of Iraq

The White House makeover

BP Latest: Obama over a barrel

Rodney Frelinghuysen and New Jersay

Out of Iowa always something new

A big hand for Christine O’Donnell

Sarah Palin and GOP – A cartoon

The Oligarch Kings reaches 100

Witch, Witch, burn the witch

Don’t it make my brown eyes blue

Christine O’Donnell Witch latest

American stereotypes of Europe put on a map


Carte Patrick Goodwin & Rockefeller

America’s city mapped by race

The Tea Party: America’s Al Qaeda?

Religious Ignorance in America

Guatemala : Pox Bananas and American exploitation

Christine O’Donnell – this week’s jokes

US State Department warning to tourists travelling to Europe

Why John Thune will never be President

Mental Floss History of United States : A Book Review

Obama’s big game

There’s a little Nazi in us all

Andrew Cuomo peasant or oligarch?

Murder mapped in the city

Margaret Thatcher Going Going…

Herr today gone tomorrow

Gods, guns and gays

Obama Halloween cartoon

Karl Rove – An obligated soul

Obama heckled – a cartoon

After the tumult 2010

Hillary Clinton for 2012

A British Tea Party

Jeb Bush is running for 2012

Sacred cows to be sacrificed?

Waterboarding is torture, Mr Bush

Lincoln Chafee wins through in Rhode Island

Ten centuries in five minutes

Fatalism and free cheese

Bloomberg goes for President

Donald Trump for President 2012

A thanksgiving prayer

Wikileaks chickens come home to roost

Can you keep a secret?

The XM-25 and the AK-45

Death to Assange – An all American fatwa

Assange’s accuser takes a powder

Lauren Bush to become Lauren Lauren

Assange’s champion

Munroe’s doctrine, Fiske, and Palin’s corollary

Merry Christmas to all my readers

Ted Kennedy’s dog dies

Winner takes all politics : A Book Review

UN maps show Afghan War is being lost

New map of American English

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