obama-heckled001Remember when they used to lap this stuff up?

Back in the Park

National Defence or National Destruction of your rights

Obama wins at Iowa

Cities as battlefields

Pirates of the Royal Bank of Scotland

The Kennedys are coming (again)

Holy See ambassadors endorse Romney

Pasting feathers together …hoping for a duck

Effin right

A bad day for Daley

The United States Department of Homeland Security Web watch list

France credit downgraded

Sacre Bleu! C’est scandaleux

Taft 2012 by Jason Heller: A book reviewed

SOPA and PIPA and why you cant see Wikipedia on Wednesday

Newt’s wife speaks out

SOPA revolt – an assessment

Michelle Obama is on Twitter

The Olympic chains

Newt on the big stage : Cartoon

Occupy Edinburgh ends

United States press freedom downgrade

Bloomberg batters Romney

President Tyler’s grandson not a fan of Gingrich

Greenspan for sircumscision

Far I hear the steady drummer

Occupy London snowman

Maine caucus results show us what exactly?

Buy coffee with cash get labelled terrorist

Joe Kennedy III officially running for congress

More stereotype maps of America and Europe

Fifty years on America hitches a ride

Vote Satan: Why settle for a lesser evil?

Big speech, small crowd

Mitt’s baptism of ire

Homeland security looks for these tweets

The family of Mitt Romney

Disgusting vagina erected in Sarah Palin’s home school

Richard Nixon not right in head –shock disclosure

Mitt Romney’s family vote for Ron Paul

Cameron avoids the Republicans

Masada shall not fall again

The Oligarch Kings is now on Facebook  

How corrupt is your state?

One nation under socialism

United States 1940’s Census being released in a week

The States of prohibition  

Lockerbie: At last a statement of reason

Donald Trump does Bohemian Rhapsody

Religion in the Senate

The Van Buren test

Gorgeous George Galloway Scourge of the United States Senate is back

The Gumshoe and the Shrink

History according to the History Channel

America right to strip search anyone

NSA Data Centre is watching you!

American dead lie with the kings of Scotland

Romney squeezes out Santorum

Electoral College reform

Hillary Clinton for Vice President 2012

Presidential Campaign Poster: A review

Hopeless: Barack Obama and the politics of Illusion-A review

Sarah Palin as roast pig sculpture

Ah! Freedom is a noble thing?

Political Dog Days

American melting pots and oligarchs

The Internet and Political Dignity

More Occupy Posters

What has Ben Quayle done for you?

Electoral College Map at April 2012

Will color be an issue in the US Election?

Loyalty day and other political dead ends

European lessons for US election

Elizabeth Warren and that color issue

Right wing, left wing, we could all do with learning Maths

Greek bank run

Mary Kennedy dies

Flight of the Euro

Horsewoman to marrySenataur?

Acropolis now!

United States to legalise propaganda at home

Reagan’s blood for sale

Ronald Reagan’s blood auction stopped!

Eurovision as a political predictor

Christine Laggard pays no tax

US Banks called criminal institutions

Bhutto and Kennedy: Oligarchs compared

Anarchist flag flies on Bank of Scotland headquarters

Terribly terribly Boring and Dull

Occupy : by Noam Chomsky A review

Nixon: Forty years on.

Failing meritocracies become oligarchies

Map of Europe in 2022

Jimmy Carr: The unacceptable face of the one percent

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Nat West/Royal Bank of Scotland Computer collapse

Nothing new with Greece then

President Johnson’s family

Stoners of the world unite

10 ways to strike back at the Bankers

Mitt Romney London gaff aftermath

Guy Adams wins NBC and Twitter lose

Gore Vidal is dead

Obama is a black American – shock news

Romney/Ryan logo

Portuguese bankers place euro hopes in higher authority

Paul Ryan : I’m no politician

Oligarchs and ambassadors

Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France and Lex Americana

The election seen from your local on-line bookstore

Social security cards, and a bad week for Democrats in the globe

Book shops in UK

Mitt the Oligarch wins (As we always said)

Voter ID wars

2012 Political posters

Pubic Education – A Friday funny

What lies beneath the White House Lawns?

Romney, Videos, Doc Pepper, and being rude to the religious.

September Electoral College maps

Listening In: The Secret White House recordings of John F Kennedy – A book review

Ig Noble prize for literacy goes to US government General Accountability Office

Thick as Mitt

Sign of the Times

Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy: Will it cost him?  

British English winning in America

Romney: Even winning is losing

Obama donor scandal

Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and his slaves, by Henry Wiencek, A book review

Dirty tricks and Romney Campaign buttons

Witness to Lincoln’s Assassination

Romney’s world map

Republican voting machines

Most popular posts

A million muppets march

Republicans in the land of Mitt-believe

Republicans in mourning

Remembrance 2012

Who pushed Petreaus?

2012 Election Results map

Taxing the global corporations

Petraeus in the spiders web

Secession Now! Is gone with the wind

Rube by name

Jesse Jackson Jr

A new hope for Republicans

Who killed Twinkies?

Abraham Lincoln in Edinburgh

Facebook friends

Margaret Thatcher is in hospital

Nothing says Christmas in America like firepower

Merry Christmas 2012

John Kerry, America’s next oligarch Secretary of State

Fiscal cliff: Last minute negotiations

United States Ambassadorships for sale

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