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miscegenation 001Miscegenation 2013

Forty-five years after the death of Martin Luther King jr there is still segregation in the South.  This week we were told of the almost astonishing fact that still, today, in 2013, schools in Georgia allow racially separate school Proms to go ahead.

Despite Brown v Board of Education in 1954 change comes dripping slow in Georgia.

In Georgia, America’s undimmed Pharos of enlightenment and liberality, they still hold that if the children have to be taught together, then by God they will do their damndest to make sure they don’t meet socially.  Hence the fuss over the annual leavers dance which in America is known as the Prom.

Wilcox County High School get round the law by the entirely contrived argument that since the dance is held “off campus”, and they don’t get involved and don’t put any public funds to it, it’s nothing to do with them.  A piece of southern sophistry that has not done them any favours whatsoever.  Backpedalling in the face of national and international opprobrium is obvious from their thin forced apologies.  Wilcox County School District tell us that they will deign to “consider a motion” regarding the matter for next year 2014.  Oh how very good of them, oh how very meaningful.  A motion.  What a bunch of colostomy-bags.  Just get the bloody thing changed and do it now!  Before you make yourselves even more of a set of pariahs than you are already.  Dear God do you need to be shown up by a few seventeen year olds before you do the right thing?

Gawker got hold of them and they reportedly said :”While the school has no official stance on the matter, it did decide that there should be only one homecoming king and queen this year.

But it was an empty gesture: The white king and black queen were not allowed to take joint photographs for the yearbook, and neither is allowed to attend the other’s prom.”

Clearly interracial dancing is objectionable to the so called grown-ups in the county as any coloured person trying to go to his school dance would be forcibly removed by Police.  In 2013.  Keep remembering this, it’s today not the nineteen fifties.

Not that Wilcox County is all on its own in this.  Oh no.  There were segregated proms in Montgomery County sixty miles away until 2009 and Taylor County High School near Columbus Georgia only threw its first integrated Prom in 2002.

Racism may not be limited to the South but boy do they know how to showcase it.

If you find this as offensive as I do. and you would like to show these kids your support, then head to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IntegratedProm2013

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