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chelsea clinton

It’s shaping up to be a busy time for our favourite oligarchical clan the Clintons.  We already know that mummy Clinton is set fair for a second go at Presidential glory come 2016 but what about the rest?

This week Chelsea Clinton has graciously allowed it to be known that should an opportunity present itself, should the call come her way, then she would, reluctantly of course, allow her name to go forward; to step in at these difficult times to aid her country and bring solace to the people.  Biting your hands off to get a nomination more like.  Of course Chelsea has experience, and not simply a childhood at the White House.  She stepped forward to help her mother Hilary during the 2008 campaign where she showed an inheritance of her father’s skill of working crowds, glad-handing with the best of them, and an evident enjoyment of the whole thing.  It’s only now a matter of timing for Chelsea to try out for her own ticket.


Meantime her mother-in-law, former US Representative Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky has been spotted by Politicalticker as a possible candidate for Pennsylvanian 13 Congressional district because the sitting representative Allyson Schwartz is tipped to go for Governor.

Marj, frankly, is not a great bet politically, and in this blog’s opinion is only sustained in her deluded dreams by the fact of her daughter-in-law’s talents and connections and being part of the greater oligarchic Clinton clan.  A political bed-blocker of the first water, she only managed a single two year term as Representative last time.  In 1998 she ran for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania pushed through the Primary selection process to lose the election itself.  Her ex-husband Edward Mezvinsky was also a Congressman who fell from grace in 2001 over a fraud case involving $10,000,000.  He served five years.  Like Weiner she is simply another scandal tainted Clinton politician hoping for rehabilitation.

Oligarchy, alive and well and looking to 2014 and 2016.

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