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I first spotted this young oligarch about town, Christopher Cox, when he was standing in 2010 for Congress.  At that time I noted that he seemed somewhat shy of pushing the fact of his Nixon relationship, even though it is his middle name. 

Following that failed try at Congress he seems to have shed his reticence and embraced his family warts and all.  This week, to world wide attention, he turns up in China to help commemorate his grandfather’s famous visit forty years ago – and give his political ambitions a damn good shove.

And a wonderful time he has of it with photo-opportunities aplenty.  His wife is Andreas Catsimatidis, daughter of John Catsimatidis, billionaire and political donor as well as failed candidate for New York Mayor.  She too has been able to use the trip as a try out on the celebrity/political stage.  She has managed very well too, and despite the snipping of some commentators about her looks, her dress sense and her more than impressive cleavage, she has not put a foot wrong. nixon and eisenhower

Chris we must remember is the son of Nixon’s daughter Tricia, and Edward Ridley Finch Cox, the chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, so no small cheese he.  Eddy Cox’s own family is noble and long on oligarchic descents from the Finches, the Coxes, the Livingstones and the Delafields.

Another oligarch on the make.

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