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23bexcept your name?
Picture credit bizarrojerri

I suppose in all this angst about a super powerful state intervening in everyone’s life, whether in America or around the world, the one person of all people’s details to get wrong this week should never have been Edward Snowden’s.

But according to the Wall Street Journal today that is exactly what officials did in preparing the extradition papers for wheeching the demon “Eddy the communist/terrorist spy” out of his comfortable five star gaff in Hong Kong and off to the joys of some suitably dark oubliette in America.

Who would be the woeful dupe who drafted those papers today?  It almost beggers the imagination that the USA managed to bugger this up and get the bold boy’s middle name entirely wrong.  They called him James instead of Joseph.  Indeed in another part they only used his middle initial “J” and then missed off the Passport number.  Hilarious.

Quite rightly the Hong Kong authorities threw this rubbish out.  Of course they did.  Drafting of this quality would never have passed a first year University tutorial far less something of national importance.


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