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7-banIn these troubled days of shi’a against sunni, or Islamist against Liberals, Muslims and Buddists, or even sing-song happy-clappies against starched old smells-and-bells, you would think a country might welcome as politicians, those whose had no preference for any God and no feelings one way or another, as at least one less thing for everyone to get all worked up about.

Especially, you might think, in a country with a strict separation of Church and State like the United States.

But no!  Even in America where there is so much made of a public division between Church and State it is still the rule in seven states that you must be churched or avow an affliiation to stand for elected office.

These states are Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Maryland.

The South: always a surprise!

(H/T to Don in Massachusetts for drawing my attention to this)

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