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Washington’s air hangs damp and hot in August and the News wires flop slack in the onion scented air.  Politicians are on the yachts of friendly suppliers of government arms or lounging on the terraces of villas owned by reciprocatedly minded foreign businessmen.

The jaded sub editors of the nation’s media scour round for something, anything, to catch the nation’s interest, maybe a duck on a skateboard, perhaps a cat that looks like Hitler, or even better an entire State in danger of collapse.

This year they have happed on Colorado, claiming that a mad-cap plan from Weld county to secede from Colorado along with another eight northern counties and form a new State called with great thought and after a competition held in a small bar in Yuma – North Colorado must be a go-er.  Hey, they must be serious they knitted their own flag.


Not that it stands a chance.  The Constitution at Article IV s 3 says that any putative state must clear first its own legislature and then Congress.  But that’s not the point it’s great fun, fills the letters columns and you can write it tucked up all air-conditioned at the desk – thereby avoiding actually having to go to Redneckistan.

But what has given this non-sense even these legs?  Well various options suggest themselves.  Gun reform is a big grumble, the backwoods counties not appreciating liberal minded townies in Denver, Buffalo or Colorado Springs, telling them how to live.  Renewable energy concerns, a feeling their gas and oil interests, and agriculture are all under attack and the old perennial of abortion all fester in the mix.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Copyright David Macadam 2013.