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art-353-hollande-300x0Normal for Norfolk?

Much has been made this last week (at least by the British) on the demotion of the British from BFF with ol’ Barry to the junk status of Tea-Drinking-Surrender-Monkeys with concomitant rise of the bloody French (Its not you it’s me, we need to take a break….). Of this more soon.

Meantime, one might ask the American people as to whom they would feel most comfortable with in a sticky position, the French President Hollande pictured above earlier this week, looking as though he was born in Norfolk, (Go on admit it he’s a keeper right?) or an older type of ally like Churchill below.

Yousoff-Karsh-Winston-ChurchillChurchill by Karsh

And yes both are official photos posed for by their subjects.  Interestingly both subjects tried to stop the use of their pictures.

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