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$(KGrHqV,!nUFGmnr-JYDBRwI8,H1Lw~~60_3Now I normally only review the more elevated, worthy sort of book on American Politics, the type of book to broaden and deepen one’s understanding of the most powerful state in the world and its leaders.  Until of course you fall across this.  Amazon’s blurb here says it all really.  I defy you to resist, satanic endgames, Nazis, and brain operations.  Wonderful, wonderful rubbish.

“In his newest book, The Phrenology of Barack Obama, author Bensa Magos returns to reveal the secrets behind the occulted past of President Barack Obama using the pseudo-science of phrenology.  Magos uncovers natural, unnatural, and preternatural features of “Manchurian Candidate” Obama’s cranium and brainpan, including the mysterious “head scar” which the mass media refuses to discuss.  Causes for the head scar range from CIA brain-implants to a partial lobotomy by his puppet master handlers, as well as the most shocking revelation:  that Obama once had a horn.  Magos follows a trail of evidence that leads from Obama’s brain surgery and dehorning, to government Mind Control programs like MKULTRA and MONARCH with roots in the Nazi Occult, and ultimately to the satanic endgame revealed by the Demon Horn of Moloch.”

Seems to be available on EBay too.

obama scarIn case you hadn’t noticed the scar, here is a photo. There are a number of these available. I don’t know the source here so if any one does let me know and I will attribute.  The British Daily Mail – always a reliable source of information – has suggested in the past this is a sure sign of brain surgery rather than say a nasty scalp injury from a childhood incident, or even a bad haircut.  The book goes to town here.

As I say wonderful rubbish.

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