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peppersprayPicture credit : Wayne Tilcock of the Davis Enterprise

One of the nice things of having a blog is that one can revisit old posts and tell what happened next.  Today is one such moment.  You may recall that last year, during the height of the Occupy movement, a small fat man who was a Campus Policeman took it upon himself to squirt pepper spray directly into the eyes and down the throats of seated girls engaged in a peaceful protest.

I did two posts here and here on this flagrant outrage.

So, were you as surprised as me to learn today that horrid little Lt John Pike, far from being disgraced for all time, was actually given compensation for the pain and suffering he had endured when castigated by the public?  The Workman’s Compensation payout for assaulting these women was $38.0890, $8,000 more than each of his victims was paid by UC Davis.

So what message can we take from this?  Bernie Goldsmith the attorney supporting the students summed it up as well as anyone.  He attacked it saying it “ sends a clear message to the next officer nervously facing a group of passive unarmed students: Go on ahead. Brutilize them.  Trample on their rights.  You will be taken care off. “

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