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carter gov 1Um…no not that one

The most interesting political news this week, well to a historian who believes that oligarchy has a overly significant role in who gets where in American Politics, was of course that Jason Carter is to run for Governor of Georgia.

Of course the media have latched onto what they feel is “A big question” which is how the former president will factor into the campaign. Remember that when Jason Carter first ran for office he was never done saying that he was going to do this thing without help from ol’granpappy.  His grandfather duly didn’t start campaigning until a few days before the election.  Just, of course, at the point most voters wake up and start paying attention.  At the time, Jason Carter had told the Associated Press he wanted to prove he could do the hard work on his own and didn’t want to be “trading on my family name”, whilst of course  tirelessly doing just that.

carter and carterGuess who?

And it happened again, as Jason Carter said Thursday that his grandfather, who was himself a two time State Senator for Georgia, remains an important figure in his life.

He’s given me advice and it’s the same advice that grandfathers give their grandsons: Work as hard as you can, always tell the truth and you will be OK,” Carter said, sucking his teeth philosophically. “One of the most important things he has said is that it’s much more important to be a good person than a good politician.

This is of course NOT the Carter grandson who somehow obtained the Romney 47% video and gave it to Mother Goose to publish, thereby managing to be both.  That was James Carter IV.  The President invited him to the White House to thank him.  But hey it’s all family so there are still favours (and funding) to be called on.

Now you’d think that a state where the Republicans had made such a clean sweep of the seats like Georgia would be a bit tough.  Carter seems to be betting on three things, first the changing demographics of new blood moving into the state, and secondly the topic of Education.  Lastly he has guessed that America is moving back leftwards and the Republicans are facing tough elections next year.

Carter-Governor-LogoAh yes, thats the one..

And, most importantly, we see that by choosing to run for the gubernatorial role Carter is placing him in an excellent position for a future run in a future Presidential election.  This Carter is one serious politician.

Governors are usually good bets for Presidents.

Carter’s decision to run for governor was first reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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