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slide7This is a rather scary piece from ACLU which purports to show an example of what your (and mine) government could do with some fairly straightforward location data and a bit of social mining.   In Meet Jack. Or, What The Government Could Do With All That Location Data, the ACLU’s Jay Stanley has built up a powerpoint demonstration ( just like Ed Snowden)  of what any anywhere can now do when it feels the need to look at the  “Jack R Benjamin” of the study.  It watches all the places he went by logging his phone positions, all the people he interacted with using social media and their phone locations,  all to snoop into his and others private lives.

It only takes a few minutes and it’s classic coffee break stuff, though I will bet the impact of Jay Stanley’s presentation will stay with you for a while.

The use of the powerpoint is deliberate as it shows how this will be presented by the authorities to make a case. All this data-mining here is not only plausible, it’s utterly unimaginable that authorities will NOT use such tools.

So adulterers beware!  Leave your phone at home and take the bus.

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